Retail Security Company

Cardinal Security works at the next level within the retail security services for reducing the danger of theft and shoplifting throughout the United Kingdom. Cardinal Security has a reliable and trustworthy team of retail security guards with years of experience. Our retail security protects not only your business premises, stock but also your employees. Security should be high for your retail business, either you have got a little shop or an oversized supermarket. A retail security guard’s predominant duty is to stay keen eye on stock, staff, and customers, especially those customers who have talent for snicking the products from store and ensuring that all customers and staff are safe from criminals. For retail premises protection, Cardinal Security provides only trained and professional store detectives. Our professional security guards can deal with wide range of security incidents and threats, and ensuring that your property, employees, and assets are properly protected.

Benefit of having Retail Security Guards

Provide Protection at workplace

On hand to protect your premises, property and staff, a retail security guard can protect not only your site, but also undertake other tasks such as reception duties and gate control.

Increase Sense of Security

When you hire a security guard, it inclines the sense of security for the shop owner, clients and staff.

Improve Customer Service

When you hire a security guard, they can also provide the customer service and actively engaging with customers whether patrolling or offer assistant to customer if needed. Moreover, retail security guard can also direct customers to certain department or section.

Handling Crime

In situations where a visual deterrence is not enough and a crime is underway, Security Guards are trained to swiftly react and respond to a large variety of crimes.