Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ EU)

Using a structured approach to interviews, the Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ EU) method of interviewing is proven to be an ideal programme for investigators that wish to adopt a non-confrontational approach to resolving cases and determining when an individual is being truthful.

WZ EU is the preferred interviewing technique in Europe for Loss Prevention and Human Resource Professionals. Cardinal Security has been proud to partner exclusively with Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates to bring this proven and well – respected method to over 1100+ UK professionals over recent years.

Each Wicklander-Zulawski Europe (WZ EU) non-confrontational interview course is taught in an interactive environment with video support of real interviews and investigations. The courses allow delegates to interact with peers as well as the WZ EU trainer, providing practical application to the interview process. All courses are offered as customised bespoke courses as well as open-enrolment courses.

Topics covered during this two-day course include:

Legal aspects of investigative interviewing
Proper room setting and preparation
Interpretation of verbal and physical behaviour cues
Non-accusatory behavioural Interviews cases with no evidence
The WZ EU non-confrontational Method
Handling and overcoming denials
Obtaining the admission and question formulation
Developing the admission further working towards full disclosure
The written or recorded confession
Working case scenarios of real interviews
Role play and practicing exercises

This one day advanced course is open only to those who have completed the Level One course.

Topics covered during this course are:” :

Causes of denials and resistance
Dealing with difficult subjects
Mastering the rationalisation
Utilising non-confrontational interview with limited evidence
Strategy development with video examples
Case studies
Overcoming resistance
Role play

Using a structured approach to interviews involving sexual harassment, workplace violence and integrity issues, this course provides both new and experienced HR professionals with a means to increase their effectiveness in this crucial area of their job responsibilities.

Topics covered during this two-day course

Legal aspects of interviewing
Investigation of hostile work Environment complaints
Interpretation of physical & verbal behaviour
Reducing resistance during sensitive interviews
Interviewing the complainant, witnesses & alleged offender
Causes of deception during an Interview
Non-accusatory behavioural Interviewing techniques
Handling verbal & physical denials