Pro Guarding

Pro-Guarding is a solution which is unique and exclusive to Cardinal Security, which has been developed to manage Security Officers in the 21st century by replacing the daily occurrence book (DOB) and incident report forms.

It is real time, interactive, cloud based platform that is available to Officers in any location 24/7. Retailers can access the platform for each store managed by Cardinal to view management information including dashboards and reports, all of which can be exported and downloaded from anywhere at any time.

Pro-Guarding is tailored to cater for recording specific tasks and occurrences which commonly occur within retail stores and distribution centres.

It is simple to use and captures all activities no matter how simple or complex including:

  • Arrest / Deters
  • Incidents such as theft
  • Searches
  • Patrols
  • Client SLA Audits (CSAs) and Quality Inspection Reports (QIRs)
  • Complaints and non-compliance
  • Ad-Hoc & Emergency booking requests

Minor customisations can be made for each customer to cater for unique exceptions in the data being recorded.

Should extensions be required that fall outside the scope of the Pro-Guarding system then the APIS Incident & Case Management system on which Pro-Guarding is built, can be specifically customised and tailored to retailers exact requirements.

The additional tasks which drive the agreed Service Levels and KPIs are online and immediately reported via the client dashboard, incidents are captured and alert messages are sent to whoever needs to see them, automatically and around the clock.

The dashboard reports also highlight trend and variances to the agreed Service Levels which can then be targeted to prevent a failure at the end of the week, month or year. APIS can also be utilised by internal Loss Prevention teams for case management in instances such as fraud and internal theft by staff with customised workflows that digitalise the procedures that the Loss Prevention team follow.

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