Cap Index

It always pays to know your strengths and weaknesses

… if you want to know your retail security guarding Return on Investment

Targeting resources is key if a company is going to be able to maximise the return on investment in terms of its security spend.

Cardinal Security’s innovative approach combines CAP Index’s proprietary crime risk data and national models – which draw on up-to-date social, demographic and crime statistical trends – with a company’s own site-specific data on sales, losses and incidents.

This provides a unique perspective that informs the development of security solutions and targets resources where they will be most effective.

We have used this methodology to save major high-street retailers up to 20% on their security guarding spend – as well as helping reduce stock loss throughout their retail estate by means of objective deployment decisions.

This approach offers significant benefits to retailers. They become able to define the risk of crime and loss at specific locations and direct security resources to where they are most needed.

The allocation of security budgets is optimised and the safety and security of employees, customers and property is improved. Over time, such measures enhance the reputation of a brand by building consumer confidence and maintaining employee morale.

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